Many of us suffer from allergies. The sneezing, the uncomfortableness, the pain! There are medicines out there. But they tend to make other things worse, like skin problems. So ditch that, and try these very essential oils that fight off allergies such as blocked sinuses and boosting your immune system.

1. Basil Oil

This oil is great because it has anti-inflammatory which helps your body fight allergens. It detoxifies the body and has an antimicrobial effect that also kills bacteria or anything that can cause asthma in your body.

– 1 drop basil oil in soup or salad dressing.

Support immune system

– 2-3 drops of basil oil and mix with
– Equal parts coconut oil
– rub the mixture on your chest and back of your neck, as well as your temples.

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2. Lavender Oil

This wonderful ingredient is a natural antihistamine. This makes lavender a great treatment for an allergic reaction because lavender soothes and calms the body relieving it from an allergy attack.

– When you feel an allergy attack is imminent, put a few drops on your palms, and then breath in the aroma through your nose, breathing deeply.
– You can also carry cotton balls with you, which is great when you soak them in lavender and apply to the area to soothe it.

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