Cosby has depicted the encounter as consensual, saying he gave Constand two Benadryl pills to help her relax. He has pleaded not guilty to three counts of aggravated indecent assault, repudiated all other allegations and sued some of his accusers for defamation.

The “I Spy” actor, who says glaucoma has left him officially blind, does not intend to take the stand. Constand, who settled a lawsuit against Cosby in 2006, will testify. Other potential witnesses include:

  • Prior Unproven Victim No. 6: Also known by the pseudonym Kacey, she is the only one of the other accusers who can testify. A former assistant to Cosby’s late agent, she alleges that in 1996, after Cosby insisted she take a pill, she woke up in bed with the half-naked performer.
  • An unnamed William Morris Agency employee who the defence contends can contradict Kacey’s account of her interaction with Cosby.
  • A psychologist who will discuss the behaviour of sex-abuse victims. Prosecutors may use her testimony to try to explain why Constand waited a year to report the supposed assault to police.

Pharmaceutical specialists who will testify about the effects of Benadryl and Quaaludes, the latter of which Cosby has admitted he gave to women for sex in the 1970s.

Though the jury was chosen in the Pittsburgh area, the trial is taking place in Montgomery County in the Philadelphia suburb of Norristown.

Barricades ringed the columned courthouse on Sunday night in anticipation of big crowds, but many local residents said they had not paid much consideration to the legal drama that had played out there over the last year.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” said one 15-year-old walking by the stately building. “Who is Bill Cosby?”

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