A large bull committed suicide in Spain after men lit the animal’s horns on fire while it was tied to a post, explicit video showed.

The video, which was shot in Foios in Valencia and went viral, happened during the “Bulls in the Street” festival, The Telegraph reported. The fiesta copies the famous Running of the Bulls festival that takes place every year in Pamplona.

via mirror.co.uk

In the video, the large, black bull is seen tied to a post in front of a mob; its horns are lit on fire and a man is holding the bull to the post. When the guy lets go, the bull runs away for a moment before turning around and dashing full speed forward into the post, where it collapsed suddenly. After the bull laid dead on the ground, the shocked crowd walks over to the dead animal.

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Earlier that day, the bull supposedly stabbed a man in the leg with its horn. It was not directly clear if the animal was tied up for reportedly wounding the man.