This demolition crew shows there are different levels to having a bad day at work.

There’s “oops,” and then there’s “we accidentally destroyed the wrong building into a pile of rubble.”

Workers in Baltimore who were called out for an emergency demolition watched in horror on Sunday as they gave the city an unplanned 2-for-1 deal by mistakenly knocking down the building next door as well.

The demolition of the property at 212 E. Fort Avenue was captured on video by neighbours, who watched a pile of bricks then topple onto the roof of the building at 214 E. Fort Avenue and send it roaring to the ground in a heap of dust and debris.


The building that was supposed to still be standing at the end of the procedure was a former pet shop called Laundry Mutt that had been bought for $160,000 and was slated to be developed into a three-bedroom family home, according to The Baltimore Sun.