While we all know that dogs, in a communal sense, can’t understand human languages, they do seem to comprehend certain words. And humans, perhaps, also know how to understand doggy language. One dog dad revealed this in an adorable video of his talking dog, and the video has gone viral.

via dmcdn.net

In the video, the dad tells his darling dog he got the dog a kitten.

Before checking the feline addition to the family, however, the man first teases his canine kid, making it seem as though he got every other animal except the kitten!

And the talking dog’s response is absolutely lovable, and not unlike what a human child might do!

But how well do dogs actually understand their humans?

Academics in Hungary performed an experiment to answer that question. They scanned dogs’ brains in order to determine how dogs process human speech. And what they found out is that dogs’ brains process language in a comparable pattern as that of humans. That is to say, the right side deals with emotions while the left processes meaning.