Next time somebody offers you a piece of chocolate, you don’t have to show control because it could actually benefit your health!

New research proposes that your chocolate cravings are more than just a joyful indulgence, it can help release stress, reduce your risk of health problems, and help your body function better.

So next time somebody passes around a bar of chocolate, you don’t have to say no, because here’s all the ways that a piece of chocolate can help your day.

1. It comprises more antioxidants than apples.

Dark chocolate, in particular, contains an even higher concentration of antioxidants than apples, black tea and red wine. Antioxidants from natural sources like cocoa, counter cell damage that can lead to signs of aging and amplified risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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2. It may aid to reduce stress.

Do you feel better after you have had a piece of chocolate? You’re not the only one! Chocolate can lessen anxiety, according to a study performed in 2009. After 2 weeks of eating about 5 squares of chocolate a day, the participants experienced lower levels of anandamide, which is accountable for your body relaxing.

3. It could reduce the risk of heart problems.

In a study looking at the diets of adults ages 50-64, they found that equated to persons who ate chocolate rarely, those who ate a 1 ounce serving up to 6 times a week had a 20% chance lower risk of experiencing a prominent irregular heartbeat which could be associated with a higher risk or stroke or heart attack.

The mixture of cocoa’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties makes blood less sticky and therefore decreases tissue scarring in the views, which drops electrical dysfunction.