Music fans go wild rounding up autographs, iconic outfits and instruments from their favourite musicians, but the ultimate piece of musical memorabilia is about to go up for sale in Roswell, New Mexico. Just don’t expect to drive it home from the auction in your trunk!

Elvis Presley’s private 1962 Lockheed Jet star airplane will be auctioned off later this week. It’s one of 3 private jets owned by the King, but this one is very unusual for a few reasons.

First, it had emotional value to Elvis because he co-owned it with his father Vernon Presley. Second, every detail inside the plane was custom-designed by Presley himself.

via Live Auctioneers
via Live Auctioneers

Decorated out in red on the outside and the inside – red was Presley’s favourite colour, and he covered the floor of his Palm Springs home in red carpeting – the plane shows off the musician’s great eye for interior decorating.