When the Fukushima nuclear disaster struck Japan, inhabitants within 18 miles of the plant were urged to vacate. Five years have passed since then and the recognised exclusion zone is still closed to outsiders.

Nevertheless, human longing to explore the unknown sometimes wins over set rules and guidelines. Keow Wee Loong, a 27 -year-old Malaysian photographer, chose to disregard long government procedures and unlawfully snuck into Fukushima’s exclusion zone, avoiding police patrols and barricades. “It feels like a real-life version of Fallout” – Keow Wee told. Prepared with only a gas mask, the daredevil didn’t fear to bare his bare skin to heightened levels of radiation in order to snap some never-before-seen photos of towns, untouched since 2011.

Fukushima, unlike Chernobyl, has not been plundered yet
Uninhibited supermarkets got raided by animals that were left behind
Pornographic magazines, issued March, 2011