Even after being attacked by a shark, diver Brian Correiar advises folks not to be afraid of the ocean and the animals in it.

 Even with all its beauty, the deep blue ocean is a wilderness. There are dangers waiting at every corner and most of them can be deadly. Recently Brian Correiar, a certified diver of 18 years, who self-admittedly is more contented in water than on land, got the scare of his life when a great white shark attacked the 14-foot, single-person ocean kayak he was paddling in through Monterey Bay. With its head above the water, the shark was three feet away from him, and Correiar was not able to reach the Coast Guard, as he had the misfortune of them not hearing him.

via indianexpress.com

After almost 20 minutes, a passing sailboat appeared, but his problems were hardly over for him as the boat did not have a ladder. Correiar asked  them to call 911, and soon the Coast Guard appeared after five minutes later and rescued him. In the video that was uploaded by Gene Macey, one can hear those filming it hysterically trying to call 911 for help. In fact, the diver commented on the video and wrote, “Thank you for calling 911! The Coast Guard told me that your call was the first local report that they had received.”