These appalling photos displays the shocking reality of numerous animals, once frequently fed, they had to be left to die (starve) due to no funds and no support from the government! These images were captured at the Khan Younis zoo in the ruined Gaza Strip. Due to the constant conflict, caretakers at the zoo apparently had to leave them without food as they had no resources to look after them anymore! Mohammed Awaida launched South Forest Park in 2007 and provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to the zoo.

The zoo lost numerous animals. He lost a number of animals throughout the Israeli strikes against Hamas which commenced a year later. In the course of the three-week onslaught, instigated in retort to rocket attacks on Israel, Awaida uttered that the zoo was unreachable, numerous animals succumbed of neglect and starvation. History recited itself in summer 2014, in the aftershock of the Gaza war acknowledged as Operation Protective Edge. The warfare between Israel and Palestinian militants massacred more than 1,960 Palestinians and 67 people on the Israeli side.

Despite the human casualties, more than 80 animals lost their lives at the Al-Bisan zoo in Beit Lahia, a mere 20 survived. Khan Younis is one of the 5 zoos situated in the Gaza Strip, a heavily inhabited coastal area of more than 1.7million people reigned by Islamic Hamas militants. There are absolutely no supervision authority in the region, no animal rights movement, no government body! Nothing!

Photos captured earlier this year, displays the horrific scene. At the moment, the animals are merely small particles of dried flesh, like statues, lifeless and entirely dried up.



Since the initiation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an astronomical amount have died due to starvation and neglect.