When sniffing out an alleged possible prey, one lioness gave a whole new significance to Hungry Hippos. Though, while this particular hippo did chomp down on his aggressor’s head, he wasn’t essentially hungry. But you can tell he was in no mood to have his nap interrupted.

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It all started when the lioness, perhaps keen for a meal, creeps along towards a hippo in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

And what happens next adds to the list of motives the hippo is listed as the most deadly animal of Africa. While many might assume the lion itself is the most dangerous animal in Africa, the truth is, it’s the hippopotamus, partly due to their erratic nature.

The hippo is accountable for more human deaths in Africa than any other large animal. The male of the species is territorial, and the female can become tremendously aggressive while protecting their young. They can reach over 20 miles an hour while running, and have you ever seen a hippopotamus open their jaw? In case you haven’t noticed, they’re massive! And their canine teeth can grow as long as 20 inches!

As soon as the lioness is in close proximity to the hippo, the great grey beast rolls over, wavers for but a moment, then springs into action! Quick as you please, he leaps up and charges at the lioness, closing his jaws around her head. And it’s astonishing that the lioness, although jilted, walks away from the brawl alive.

Watch the powerful encounter between the lioness and hippo:

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