E-cigarettes are often promoted as a healthier substitute to smoking cigarettes, which is why many folks pick up the new habit in order to help them stop smoking. While ditching actual cigarettes is creditable, it turns out e-cigarettes aren’t much better for your health. In fact, scientists say that just one puff from an e-cig is enough to increase your risk of heart attack.

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The Study

Researchers from West Virginia University studied the effects of e-cigarette exposure on the arteries of mice. They looked at both short-term (five minutes) and long-term (20 hours over a week over eight months) exposure. The outcomes showed that the mice’s arteries narrowed by 30% within an hour after just a five-minute exposure to e-cigarette vapour. The arteries also began to lose their capability to dilate and lower blood pressure.

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When the mice were open to long-term e-cigarette use, they developed arteries that were more than twice as stiff as those that weren’t given any nicotine. Narrow or stiff arteries are known to end in heart attacks or stroke, shown by previous research. The scientists explained, “These data indicate that e-cigs should not be considered safe and that they induce significant deleterious effects.”