I’m just going to caution you right now that if you’re eating, you’re perhaps not going to want to be eating right now. Go ahead and put down that snack a minute, because…well, you’ll see.

First let’s start at the start, and that would be with Desirae Robles, her boyfriend Larry Estrada, and their daughter Addelina, who is freaking gorgeous.

See? How could anything even in the least be gross come out of anything so dang cute?

There you go, as she spewed all over her mom’s freaking face, which I’m told happens to parents ALL THE TIME.

Desirae paused with the barf on her face so that she could take photos for Larry, which I’m sure he was elated to get.

Actually, he kind of was — perhaps because it wasn’t him.

“I love that she was calm enough to take a photo,” he said.

“It was one of the moments you can’t ever forget, so I had to send it to him to see,” she added. “It didn’t trouble me. She’s my daughter.”

Because it’s 2017, she tweeted out the photo and it instantly went viral.