Some accept as true that when we die, our souls are reincarnated.


According to Buddhism, reincarnation allows us to live again, as a being, an animal or some part of nature. Reincarnation is not a physical rebirth, but rather a spiritual rebirth. Have you ever had the distinct feeling that you’ve been somewhere before, or that you’ve met somebody before, but you know that you haven’t? Buddhists believe this strange sense may be a sign of something you experienced in a past life. While you may never fully understand who or what you were in a past life, you may experience subtle hints throughout your lifetime that allow you to learn a little but more about your past.

The quiz below was shaped to help you figure out who you were in your past life. The way you view the world has a lot to do with the things you’ve experienced in generations before. Simply look at each photo, then select your answer honestly. With each slide, the quiz will begin to produce a profile about your past. When you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll get a deeper look into who you may have been in your past life.

Were you a discoverer or a warrior? Were you royalty? Take the quiz to find out!

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So, who were you in a past life? Do you agree? Do you believe in past lives?

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