The police dogs that are part of the K-9 Public Security Unit in the Mexican city of Silao are in a desperate situation and need our help right now.

All the dogs in the unit have been left without proper food and water for days now. As readers of this petition might know, police dogs are in need of special food, to ensure they get the necessary energy to train accordingly and be physically fit for their daily duties.

This is how K-9 dogs should look lie: well nurtured and fit for duty. via

However, their specially prepared food has been removed from the menu because it was too expensive! Police dogs are currently given food that costs $11 per kilogram – which is about the equivalent of junk food to humans and does not cover even half of their needs. It is unclear how much food police dogs have been given, because the photo on the right would suggest they have not been fed in weeks.

In the municipality of Silao, Mexico, police dogs have left without food for weeks. via