Generally, if anybody is effing and jeffing its Gordon Ramsay. The last person you’d expect to be swearing is Her Majesty, The Queen.

In fact, this whole story came as Gordon Ramsay was promoting his latest series of The F Word on American TV programme, The Late Show.

The British chef, well-known for his swearwords, joked that he was awarded his OBE for services to swearing, and said that his bad language also rubbed off on Queen Liz.

Credit: PA

Talking to host Stephen Colbert, he was asked if his formality was a ‘sword situation’, to which 50-year-old Ramsay replied: “No, that’s when you get knighted.

“OBE is under that so it’s sort of a little shake and a polite fuck off.

“She sort of mutters it under her breath.”

Colbert then revealed that he is not characteristically allowed to use the f-word on his show, but CBS made an exclusion for Ramsay, to which the chef replied: “At 11:35 at fucking night?”

Credit: PA