There are just certain things you should never post on the internet about your relationship. With the era of Facebook and the likes, it is a big reason for many relationships to end. Nobody likes to air their dirty laundry for everyone to see… So here are the 6 things.

1. Partners Flaws

Talking about the things you don’t like about your partner on the internet is basically the same as talking behind their back. If they found out, it would hurt their feelings. In fact, if they did it to you, you would feel hurt too. Nobody likes to be downgraded by the one they love.

2. Arguments

Many people love sharing their anger by posting it on the net. It’s a frustration outlet. It is also a means of finding allies on your side. All this does is anger your loved one more by sharing your problems and making them look bad to others. This is not a way to fix your relationship! An argument is between the two of you. So be an adult about it and resolve it properly.