Moving on after a loved one has passed often feels unbearable. You can’t get through the day without thinking about them, missing them and wishing they were close. Some trust that after a loved one passes, they may not be as far away as you think.


If you have bizarre experiences after a loved one dies, it may be a sign that they are trying to reach you. Opening yourself up to their message could help bring you the peace, relief or answers you’ve been searching for.

Here are five clear signs that a lost loved one is nearby and trying to contact you:

1. You Dream About Them

After a loved one passes, you can see them again in your dreams. If you continually dream about them, it may be a sign that they are trying to send you a message. Pay close attention to your dreams. Don’t write them off. They could contain a message or the reply to a question you’ve been probing for.


2. You Sense Their Presence

You may sense your loved one’s presence in a unexpected drop in temperature or a slight chill that you instantly notice. A cold chill or heavy air could mean that the spirit of your precious one is nearby. The next time you sense their presence, hug it. Open yourself up to the message they might be trying to send you.