5. Avocados Encourage Digestive Health

High-fibre foods are important for a healthy digestive tract. One whole avocado contains between 11 and 17 grams of fibre, which is more than nearly any other fruit! Fiver helps increase healthy bacteria in the gut while lessening unhealthy bacteria that can cause digestive difficulties.

6. Avocados Help Balance Hormone Levels

The fatty acids in avocados are a key part of regulating the purposes of the central nervous system. They help naturally balance hormone levels for better moods, amplified fertility and clearer cognitive function. Studies have shown that monounsaturated fatty acids, found in avocados, may help lower depression, disquiet and other mental disorder risks. 

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How to Grow Your Own Avocados

You can find two types of avocados in your local supermarket: the California avocado and the Florida avocado. If you want to get a little imaginative, you can also grow your own avocado tree at home!

AvoSeedo is a small plastic bowl with a space specially made for an avocado pit. After inserting the seed, you place the AvoSeedo in a large pot filled with water. You can watch as AvoSeedo remains at the surface of the water and the avocado pit grows into a tree for fresh avocado any time you want it!

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