As the fight for true gender equivalence rages on, women are often faced with challenges each and every day. It might be constant burden to be thin, sexual harassment in the workplace, or battling the notion that women should be “seen and not heard.”

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As a result, many females have found strength from within. With all of the stresses on women in today’s society, it’s important to know when to stand your ground.

Here are eight things strong women never worry about:

1. An Ex

The majority of the time, there’s a reason that your ex is your ex. Whatever the reason is why it didn’t work out, a strong lady doesn’t pine over past relationships. She knows when to move on, and she trusts that she is in charge of her own happiness. She doesn’t need somebody else to make her feel whole.

2. Fashion

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying fashion as an art, but a strong lady doesn’t feel the need to keep up with the latest trends just to please humanity. She wears clothes that make her feel comfortable and self-assured, regardless of whether or not they’re “in style.”