A deadly meeting in India has sparked a government inquiry into what killed one of the country’s most endangered animals.

The Tiger’s death highpoints the dangers that occur when humans and Tigers live in such close proximity.

Capture Gone Bad? Was This Tiger Crushed to Death?

The Tiger’s death highlights the dangers that occur when humans and Tigers live in such close proximity.

When humans and animals fight for terrain, it’s often the animals that lose. This battle is highlighted in a shocking new video that shows a Tiger being probably crushed by a large excavator.

The Tiger was caught in the Ramnagar Forest, where it may have strayed from the Corbett Tiger Reserve, which lies at the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India.

The Times of India stated that the Tiger had killed two folks the day before in the town of Bailpadav. The Tiger had supposedly been tranquilized before faltering under the weight of the excavator’s arm. This could explain why the big cat seemed to have trouble escaping the slow moving machinery.

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The animal was later taken to nearby Nainital zoo where a post-mortem report lists the causes of death as asphyxiation, injuries imposed from territorial disputes with other Tigers, and septicaemia (blood poisoning).

A report from the Hindustan Times claimed that the Tiger broke its tooth on the machine, triggering it to choke on blood.

In reply, the state has formed a four-person team, consist of a forest official, a veterinarian, and two wildlife experts, to explore the Tiger’s death and the use of large machinery in enclosing such animals.

Bengal Tigers are recorded by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as an endangered species. Nearly 70 percent of Tigers in the wild can be find in India alone. Habitation loss and hunting have brutally impacted how easily Tigers can survive in the wild, making humans one of their most dangerous adversaries and biggest allies.